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 EtapHousing.com , Your Worldwide Partner for really astonishing,  nice, and competitive full finished  villas and houses, following your Wish,

  " Why Etap-Housing  "  ?

*   minimum 50% BETTER QUALITY   (more insulation, no cracks , earthmoving resistant, etc ...)  , ask                the advantages and totally no  CONS , (no dis-advantages at all) .

*   average 50% MORE COST-EFFECTIVE (
    (so you can have also double space for your money !!!)

*  our HEATING  and  COOLING  is unrivalled
   (ask our solutions )

* We are producing buildings since 1970 , come and take a look at 30-Year old realisations , who are still in the forefront.
* We optimised our special production metods, where as:
a/ the basic is heavy galvanised steel frame  (we did this already in 1970 , and today even 95% from inside in buildings is steelbased ) 
b/ we build already the full structure in steel , starting 1970.
c/ Today, all our houses are based on heavy galvanised U-steel frame, whereas , we put outside and inside, Fiber-Beton ,mainly 12 mm plates;
(original , an eternet invention, but nothing todo with asbest) who are super strong and ever lasting.
d/ Following Customer demand we have any size of U-profiles whereas we put insultion (Pur) inside sometimes up to 15 cm thickness, in order to
have unrivalled insulation.

* Also , we prepare elements ready in our factories, already installed with all electric wiring and heating tubes.
* All things together, 70% from work is done in advance in our factories, where we have optimal timing and resulting cost .
* Final assembly from houses is done at site, whereas , we finish standard houses within some 3 weeks time .
(building, electric, heating, and the full finishing.)
- As a result , we can offer for maximum quality, unrivalled pricing.

* Send us drawing and proposition, we will present You a final autocad-drawing, whereas we are glad to make offer for 1 house , or a full
site with , say, 100 houses.
* Our main market is Europe , but we are open for any place in the world.
* Our specials;
a/ Your Own very special house, with unlimited requirements
b/ Investment Housing Parks , any quantities
c/ Holiday and Leisure Housings, say, 100 units we are specialised.

Together with our related own companies, what is concerning hvac, solar, energy , electric, heating,   we can make you
unresistible offers.

Try us , you will be surprised.

Find our realisations ,  as above or download some standard products,

EtapHousing, series A catalogues  -  Download pdf

EtapHousing, series B catalogues  -  Download pdf

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